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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Thinking too much.

Well i guess the title says it all.
And still thinking about it.I do take what others said seriously....As i don't mind they kutuk me but bitching about me that's another story....

Anyway...Today was great.I actually slept for more than 12 hours...I didn't know i was that tired from Blaze Camp..

Blaze Camp was great.Thank god it rained on the very first night and we move in to the chalet :D.My teammates were great.Won the Best group award...Celebrate it like never before...Learning that "a great leader must first be a great follower" was the highlight of the camp for me at least..I guess after that this it will be long for me to ever taste Nasi Laksa ever again..

Monday, September 12, 2011

All About The Shades....

Ouh so yesterday i went Raya Outing with my classmates.As usual i was late for the outing.The time to meet was at 12 noon ended up meeting them at 12 : 45 instead.Hehe i was just plain lazy to get my butt out of bed.(ouh typical me :D)

So the first house i went was Hafiz place.He's place was beautiful.The Bee Hoon was delicious. Heh though i didn't talk much, i was tired..The fact that they took a picture of me trying to catch a bit of sleep was simply hilarious...But oh well at least the food was just plain awesome.

Second House was Muhaimin.Though he's parents were not at home,we still had fun. Apparently Faz,Fiz and Min were playing FIFA 11.A game of the classic El-Classico was underway even during Photo Taking..I guess they can't took their eyes off the game...Btw if they were reading this i was secretly routing for Real Madrid even though i was a fan of Barcelona instead..Sorry.HAHAHAHA

The Third House was Wan's House.The first thing as i step in his house...IT WAS SO BIG.....Added to that,his infamous 'angry bird' goreng was just plain sedapppppppp.Ate his roti curry daging i dunno what..Still it's delicious...

Fourth house was my place...My friends were shocked with my room because it has a sliding door!!!Hahaha then i showed them my gerbil they were even more shocked..hahahaha.I served lontong..Classic?Hahahahahaha.

Fifth house was Eeya..I was intrigued with the building design cause it's old and that's where my curiosity strikes..Her house was cosy.The food hmm,The Mee was wet nevertheless it's taste quite good...:D

The sixth house was Ms Afni.Her house was beautiful..And i got to see little Ayra for the first time..She was so cute but shy..:( Ate Mee Goreng it was nice..Sabree and the rest were interested about the results of our examination but Ms Afni didn't reveal anything..Hahahaha.Honestly i believe the BEV has the most highest passing rate in our class and CPA instead will be our highest failure rate...Well nothing be revealed until the next semester but too bad Ms Afni won't be joining cause she be on maternity leave.Never mind i doa for her smooth delivery.:D

The Seventh house was Haziqah.The first thing that catches my eye about her house is the colorful design of the lights....Like a rainbow.Her house was the two houses ( since the other was Sabree) serving Western Food.Sausages, Nuggets and the Fried Rice.There i was eating a lot of the nuggets..(typical me).I think i ate quite a lot at her place.The food was amazing.But since we were on the rush there was no time to chit chat...hahahaha.

The eight and last house was none other than Sabree.So the first thing i did went i arrive his place was to ask his father i think whether that was Suji or not.His father said yes.And there i was eating it already...Hahahaha so rude but hey when i see Suji i can't resist must eat...So i ate Suji plus Chicken Popcorn.Though it was short because it was 11 : 15.So Hafiz,Liyana,Atikah,Muhaimin and Hyda rushed catch our respective last bus and trains.

As always slenga as i can be i actually took the wrong train home.-.-So ended up i shared a cab with Hafiz and Muhaimin.Didn't know that Hafiz smoke.

Overall the Jalan Raya was fun.Hope i get to do it with them someday again.Pity that Rasul,Wan,Helina,Azira,Afiq and Anis didn't join us.It was great.Anyway that be it this afternoon.Maybe i blog later at night.Hmm

Till Then,


Sunday, September 11, 2011



As promised i will write this.

The person i liked is the person who doesn't see the bad the in everybody.She's the type that makes everybody go crazy.The type where she makes them crazy but at the same time stay true to themselves .The type where she can find joy even at the most saddest of time.Most importantly she the type where she pushes everybody out of their comfort zone and made them think why is there a success story in their life...:)

How i wish that was true....

Ok back to the main topic.

Hmm it's been three months since we met..Honestly at first i didn't know how to approached you..Because your face look damn serious and fierce.I am not lying very serious indeed.So i just follow the flow with the situation and alhamdulilah after like maybe 3 hours or so we started talking to each other and i couldn't find that period of awkwardness between us.Because it's free flowing and i felt like we already had known each other for a long time. So over the months grew by and we started talking,contacting and even sharing a bit of our problems.I felt like honestly when you enter my life it was the one of the best blessings that has given me.Which is you.


I just got to know your with someone now..It took most of my spirits away.Thinking of you was a bad idea and there was no way i could shook you off my mind.I feel kinda happy for you being together with him but at the same time sad for myself for not telling that i grew attached towards you..It's okay i don't want it to happen because i just knew it's too rush and i just knew you...Also i rather want us to remained as friends.The free flow sort of relationship that we used to have..I just gotta learn to move on...Slowly i am doing it.Insyallah i make it.I do not want to avoid you or make you feel unrest because it's just not my nature to do it.

I hope i can move on.....Amin...:)

One thing for sure....I am still your close friend no matter what happens.Till the very end.


Saturday, September 10, 2011

My life :D


Sorry for the long update.I been busy.It's been awhile.

It's been 6 months since i was posted to ITE@College West.My life was like a roller coaster since then.Though i been busy i just feel like penning some thoughts down in this blog describing my life in ITE.There is no doubt that my life is sure a slack..It's way different and too relaxed of environment since i was in secondary school.

So what kept me busy?


Yes i had 2 in fact.Student Council and Campus Radio Club.These two cca's amazing in their own ways actually open my eyes of what i really want to achieve in my life in school.

Student Council

If i am not wrong,i join this cca during mid year..Actually i didn't wanted to be a councillor but since my coursemates recommended me and after some persuasion i thought i might give it a try.So far i kinda enjoy how it's run..I think i am lucky to have an amazing president as a friend.:D And yea i am indeed blessed i met some of the most wonderful friends in SC.When i joined SC for the first time they made me feel myself for the first time.It's been long since i was myself..I was this silent kid on the block.Thanks guys for making me feel at ease.
And a bigger thanks to my God brother Herwan for being str8 with me..Pull me down when i am high off my ground.I couldn't ask for a better bro than you.Thanks for being there.

Campus Radio Club

Now where to start?Oh!I know i remember way back then on the third week of april i actually went to personally ask if i can join the cca..And i sign up twice.Yea you guys gave me the wait of a lifetime.I need to admit i was very impatient back then.I was really eager to try to be on air for the first time in my life.So you guys started the cca with a welcome bbq party..:)It was amazing really..I thought at first i am scared that i could not get along with you guys but just like my SC you guys made me feel at ease better yet a place where indeed i truly belong.Yes i just wrote that.Spreading music was my passion.Spreading beautiful songs is and still my passion plus with heartwarming crew indeed i felt i was at home for once.It is like i felt that i knew you guys for quite long time.Heh thank you.I knew i had made some unnecessary mistakes that almost shook the club foundation upside down...And i am sorry...Really i am.Up to now i could not forgive myself for doing that..At one particular point of time i even thought of quitting the club because of my mistakes but after some who advised that was given to me by my friends.Quitting would be the last thing on my mind.I had met some amazing people while i was on CrC who indeed made a big impact of my life forever.You made me a better person than i am now and i can't thank you all enough.So a big thank you to these amazing people who changed me.

Wei Xian

But a bigger thanks to Fiiyah,Mylia and Farhannah aka Mummy.These three taught me that life is always not perfect.It was always a challenge indeed a big challenge.Not everything can go the way i want it to be.But the most important is to be 'me' just me.

Fiiyah taught me that it is best to be yourself and not to give a damn to what others says to you....Being yourself is better than pretending to be somebody your not..

Farhannah had taught me that you can always have a friend to rely on and support you even though when your really down and you feel that it is impossible to get back up again and there your friend would be entering that world when the rest walks out.
I hope i can be that type of friend towards my friends...Amin

Just today mylia told me..

'It's good to be weird because that says your different,Not the same as everyone else'

Thank you Mylia.Again i would never forget that.:D

Tha be it for this morning i post another one later this afternoon if time permits it..I think the next post is what people are dying to see though..What and why is that special someone is indeed special to me?Who she is to you etc etc..

Yes i post that later in the afternoon.I need to think first...Anyway to those readers who reads my blog and enjoys it thank you.:D

For those who didn't I don't give a thought of what you wanna say about me or my blog.My blog my book.


Sunday, May 15, 2011

My life in SVM QB

I originally wrote this a day after 4/5/2011.You should know what happen during that day.Okay put aside that.The first thing i wanna write is that i am extremely grateful that God has given me a very good class to study with.So i would like to thank HIM and you all for being part of my life.

On the first day i came to ITE I thought that I will see typical minah,ah bengs,ah lians and mats and that my life would be as miserable as it seems.I thought wrong,everything is not what i had expected and to think that i met a class full of extraordinary people,my life began to change.I was surprised at the fact that all of you focused a lot on class bonding in which i feel is important.This is because we are gonna spend 2 years with each other and it's best that we get the best out of it.

During our orientation day,we came out with one of the most weirdest cheers ever and believe me it was.Nobody would have thought of adapting the song OMG into the QB cheers and well i can say is awesome but weird.Don't you think so?Another was LIKE A G6 to LIKE A QB and we failed on that miserably..-.-Next was amazing race..Hehe the best part of it is that i was still memorising names especially our group chinese names.One of them is ZAI in order words is vegetable aka as Winnie.^_^ Then again i had really lots of fun...

But what caught my attention was how really down to Earth you people are.In my education life so far,I have never met a class so down to earth such as this.Really.And i thanked you all for that.I will never forget the day when i was really down due to certain events that changed my life forever.I only told a classmate about my problems but somehow you all knew...I was deeply touched by the support you all had given me.The condenlences,the will to move on with my life and to never looked back.I know that even a simple Thank you isn't enough that sweets wasn't enough.All of you my dear classmates have my gratitude and my respect.

So what can i give?
I wanna make a promise with all of you that i am always here to be your listening ear.Always here when you need me.Like a brother.Support your dreams.That's the only thing i can give..I couldn't pay back that kindness you have showed me but i hope that will do.I am also proud to make you guys part of my family..My family,Yes i am serious.You all are like a second family to me.So i wanna be there for you all if you ever need me...

I know that it's kinda pathetic of me writing this post on my blog might as well i delete it but i am an open minded guy.I am not afraid to hide my problems because i know that you all be there helping me.Being some sort of pillar to me and i thank you for that.
Before i go would want to share a quote with you and i hope you keep this in mind.

'We are loyal and faithful to our friends to the extent we share their troubles as well as their joys. If we cannot weep when our friends weep and rejoice when they rejoice, we cannot be regarded as family.'

Once again i thank you all for being a part of my life.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Thank you my Bunnayah F&M Team

Firstly before i start i would want to apologize for the mistakes i made and if i did any wrong doings that made you want to blow your hat off.Secondly i know it's late but hey better late than never right...
Working with all of you is the most amazing the experience i ever had in my lifetime.At first to be honest,I really didn't know what i was doing or where should we focused on.I felt like giving up and i do remember questioning my leadership to all of you on facebook before.At that point of time Zakir confronted me,telling me 'hey stop questioning your are supposed to be our leader..And we stand by it'From that onwards,i decided not to question my abilities and do to my utmost best to guide my group to be the best team that has to offer for bunnayah camp 2011.
Whether be it related to the project or not i still want to do what i can as a leader and i must say i did myself proud.I manage what i think other groups didn't managed to achieve and that's unity..Unity between not only members of the group but together with our 2 mentors as well.Do you guys still remember the part where we stayed at perdaus bedok till 9?We definitely had fun.DEFINITElY from Pizza's to whacky presentations at the classroom.I tell you i won't forget that day.It was probably one of the best day i ever have.And i think you guys too.Another favorite moment i remembered where Amirul transformed to SUPERMONKEY!!!hahaha that was really epic he's personality changes right?Remembered how we actually argued with both co-ods and games team to put supermonkey in.Until Ustaz Hatta had to be involved due to some misunderstanding but hey we got to keep SUPERMONKEY!!!SUPERMONKEY our original work and look at how successful it became..It attracted a lot of kids to the camp.Especially the girl's side.I asked a couple of them on how they were attracted to the camp and it was because they said that Supermonkey was cute.Aww Amirul you have admirers.:D and a job well done Amirul.A job well done.I am also grateful that even after project hours we eat together as a group.Haha from Canadian Pizza, banquet to KFC.:D
During the camp itself,i still talked to you guys and well you didn't leave me out..Thank you again:D
I am truly blessed to work with Zakir,Amirul,Atirah,Khairiah,faris,Hakeem,abg khairil and kak Hazwany and i couldn't ask for more.I wish you all the best for your future endeavours.I am sure you guys have my number do feel free to contact me if you wished too.Keep in touch alright?
And now let us look forward for our outing together as a group.It's gonna be a day of a lifetime.I promised.Just a small request do update our bunnayah f&m group page if you have something interesting to share as i will do the same as well.:D

'All of you are not only just my members but are also part of my one big family as well.'



Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Who Say's

You made me insecure
Told me I wasn’t good enough
But who are you to judge
When you’re a diamond in the rough
I’m sure you got some things
You’d like to change about yourself
But when it comes to me
I wouldn’t want to be anybody else

Na na na
Na na na

I’m no beauty queen
I’m just beautiful me

Na na na
Na na na

You’ve got every right
To a beautiful life


Who says
Who says you’re not perfect
Who says you’re not worth it
Who says you’re the only one that’s hurting
Trust me
That’s the price of beauty
Who says you’re not pretty
Who says you’re not beautiful
Who says

[Selena Gomez - Verse 2]

It’s such a funny thing
How nothing’s funny when it’s you
You tell ‘em what you mean
But they keep whiting out the truth

It’s like a work of art
That never gets to see the light
Keep you beneath the stars
Won’t let you touch the sky

Na na na
Na na na

I’m no beauty queen
I’m just beautiful me

Na na na
Na na na

You’ve got every right
To a beautiful life


Who says
Who says you’re not perfect
Who says you’re not worth it
Who says you’re the only one that’s hurting
Trust me
That’s the price of beauty
Who says you’re not pretty
Who says you’re not beautiful


Who says
Who says you’re not start potential
Who says you’re not presidential
Who says you can’t be in movies
Listen to me, listen to me
Who says you don’t pass the test
Who says you can’t be the best
Who said, who said
Won’t you tell me who said that
Yeah, oh


Who says
Who says you’re not perfect
Who says you’re not worth it
Who says you’re the only one that’s hurting
Trust me
That’s the price of beauty
Who says you’re not pretty
Who says you’re not beautiful

I found this song really inspiring,it's been a while since i last any of her songs and when this song came out, i was pretty amazed of the lyrics and the style of the music.Really straight forward and cute.If you do have the time to listen to this song,do listen and be amazed of its beauty and meaning like how it did to me.:D


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

If Only....

If Only.....

I could stand up and shout your name out loud...
I could be in your arms...
I could look into your eyes...
I could get close to you...
I could know you...
I could love you...
I could kiss you...
I could hug you...
I could squeeze your hand....
I could hold you tight..
I could give you something to remember me by...
I could make you feel your the only girl in my world...
We could be a rocketeer and flyyyy together to the moon....
I could marry you

but i know

It would never happen...
You won't give me that chance...
That wall you showed to me would not break...
The way you ignored me like i was i was in the wrong...
No matter how much you meant to me,To you i am nothing...
To you i am just a pawned ready to be use...
You talked to me when you need of something...
You won't ever took noticed of me no matter how much i try to get your attention..
You don't even bother to be a friend instead you avoid me...

If only just only

Love is isn't blind.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Life as we all know it.

Before i start i just like to share a little thought with the readers out there.

'Promises were not meant to be broken,they were made for a reason.If you keep a promise be true to your word.Don't back out of it.Trust me if you can keep to your word people tend to have more trust in you than others and you get respected easily.'

People just keep saying to me that their life is messed up.I am sick and tired of hearing this.I, too, have many problems forced being laid down on me.It's up to me to adapt to it and made changes for the better.People too also tend to get argumentative about it saying theirs is worse than the other.If you were to say that then your wrong there.You don't know how messed the other person life is.If it was me my response would be that 'I am about to lose someone close to me.'Enough said..

That's why i been trying to instill myself a sense of patience and to control my anger necessarily but sometimes people just try to test me and i for one don't like it.For years now,i been storing my anger in a bottle.Controlling my anger with patience.but it doesn't work that way.I now realized that i have to share it with someone.Someone i could really trust but i just couldn't find that.

'Life is like a mean machine and it make a mess outta me.'

Yes,i agreed to it.This is life.Life would not be completed with hardships.Do remember every obstacle is a challenge from God.He would want see how we approach and adapt to it.

I am sorry i couldn't write more because i can't really think of what to write but i will reupdate it tommorrow alright:)

Thursday, February 17, 2011


The good you find in others,is in you too.
The faults you find in others are your faults as well.
After all, to recognize something you must know it.
The possibilities you see in others, are possible for you as well.
The beauty you see around you is a reflection.
A mirror showing you the person you are.
To change your world, you must change yourself.
To blame and complain will only make matter worse.
Whatever you care about, is your responsibility.
What you see in others, shows yourself.
Saw the best in others, and you will be your best.
Appreciate beauty, and you will be beautiful.
Admire creativity and you will be creative.
Love, and you will be loved.
Seek to understand, and you will be understood.
Listen, and your voice will be heard.
Teach, and you will learn.
Show your best face in the mirror,
and you'll be happy with the face looking back at you!!

Ukhti fil Islam


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My 24 Lasagna :)

I want more Lasagna please:)One of my favorite cats:)Garfield

'I am most appreciative of what God has given me in my life.His greatest gift was the gift of Friendship.

Who to start?who to start who start??

Xuanyu aka ROBIN
Hey bro,We been through a lot.Plus we grew up together.It's kinda fun growing up together.Cycling around the neighborhood like nobody business.Playing football,going chalet.Remember before moving out i told you this.

'Even if we are far apart i do everything i can to keep in touch with you.'

Up to now i kept my promise.Thanks for being there with me for 7 years.

Tze Hao
How are you doing old pal?Yea you taught me an important lesson as we grow up together with Robin.You taught me of being loyal to your friends.Remember that there was this point of time where i didn't turn to play football.You actually seek me out of what i been doing.You saw played ps2 with my new found friends.You were really pissed with me and you fought with me.After that fight i realized my mistakes and try to make up for it and you still accepted after all i said that hurts you..Touched and grateful that your still my best friend.Thank you

My buddy since p1.HAHAHAHA.The best part about you being my friend is that we would be able to talk about the MOST WEIRDEST AND RANDOM STUFF during school.From Pokemon change to Digimon change to Azreal yellow armpit.HAHAHAHA.During 6/2 i personally didn't tell you this but i wish we were schooling together in secondary school because the thought of you losing you in secondary school is very difficult for me to adapt..Cause it's hard to find a friend like you.Thank you for keeping in touch with me after all these years.

haha Rayson.You know in primary school i thought you weren't that serious like Rayen but i guessed wrong.Lol.Knowing you for a couple of years is kinda rewarding cause remember in 5/1 when i was down you were the first to cheer me up.Really grateful.Ouh yea i still thrash you in Halo at your place the other time.Your birthday?I can't remember BUT I GOT THRASH YOU WITH MY PLASMA SWORD.Hehehe.Thanks for being a friend to me.:)

One of my first few friends i made in secondary school.YES FIRST FEW.In secondary 2 you told me that i was being an ass towards you just because your indian.I denied that and i have proven my friendship with you.I found you as the most layback person ever and the most trustworthy among my circle of friends.If i have a secret i definitely will share it to you.That just show how much i trusted you and i still do now.Haha best part of my life with you will definitely be sleeping together during chemistry lesson.What happens if you put an azhar who's sleep and a hariz who's ignorant together?Double combo Sleep.HAHAHAHA.Thanks for being there with me.

Haha met at facebook.I can't actually believe your my cousin's ex classmate.Hahaha.Yea we been through a lot.Me being emo as always.:(and if i am not emo you are EMO!!!Funniest part is when we met.There was no sense of awkwardness between us.It was free flow and cool.:)Kinda proud to call you my best friend cause you are 1.:)Thank you.

hmm....Ape nak cakap.Yea you are my best friend.THANK YOU!!!Haha just joking.Hey it was nice having you around during CSP.Really.Don't take this as a wrong way but i actually have a crush on you since Sec 3.Just that i didn't say because i am afraid it might ruin our friendship.We been through a lot.And when i say a lot MEANS A LOT.From speaking weird chinese and me coming up with PERFECT ESSAYS.hehe.I am proud to have you as one of my best friends.Noooo not a best friend a second sister to me.:)

Ps:Remember that starbucks i bought for you at that point of time i didn't know an expresso is just a black coffee.

I really don't know what to say about you.SUMPAH I DON'T KNOW.It's still a mystery to me on how we became close friends.I RAGE AT YOU during sec 1 when you stole 1 of the school badminton court just to play with your friends and leaving the rest out.But hey i am glad to have you in my circle of friends.Even if you curse me a lot i know you are trying to push me and trying to stop from being lazy.Hey i was immature back then but now i realized my mistakes and i will not repeat them.I will try ok?Under my will that i will make you and my parents proud of who i am today.:)

Khai hey thanks for being my classmate.It was a blast having you around in class.Without you there will be no 'WTF' moments in class.Without you the class be quiet.You taught me something really valuable in my life.You taught me my own sense of direction.Yes I admit it i have no sense of direction but hey after you told i realized where i stand i realized what i want to do in life in my future,If you didn't have made me aware i probably wouldn't survive in the real world.Thank you Khai for everything.

haha.4 years and i am still counting.We been through a lot.We fight,we argue.Of all sort of stuffs.I couldn't have a better close friend like you.It's hard.You were my friend and true friend that i have made in Siglap.I couldn't really say no more.My friendship i promise you will never break even if we are far apart bro.Your like the only of the few people i could rely on at school.You taught me of being myself.Nothing else.I am really grateful.Really.God has given me a friend that i will never ever want to let go or forget.You will always be a part of my life.Always.

Do you know that you remind me of Kenny Danglish?Ok that's bullshit but yea.Hey you taught me on how to be really TAK SEMANGAT (Not High Spirited) for something.Haha.Apart from that you are one the coolest dude in class.Yes coolest.I envy that really.But overall your a cool dude to hang out with.Thanks

Hafiz,Your one of those i kinda enjoyed talking too.I don't know but when i bored or alone you talked to me.Kinda cool in a sense that you know you took notice of people.Which i am learning from you.Thanks bro.

I forget.How do we met?hahaha.Hey soldier boy,Your cool and you remind me of NEVILE LONGBOTTOM.Except he's schooling in siglap and not hogwarts.Yea i assure our project is still there.WE ARE GONNA MAKE IT BIG!!i promise you that.It our dream.Dare to dream.Dare to achieve by doing it.

Goreng pisang aring aring cfm sedap di makan.(Crispy pisang goreng is definitely nice to eat while it's crispy hot. = make no sense or probably bad translation.I fail malay.Hey your my brother and i am grateful that your part of my life.Though i envy your coolness which i clearly try to imitate and fail.You taught me on how not to be so persistent and stubborn.Thank you.

Hi adik.Yes cute and cuddly like private from Madagascar.Hey if you have problems just text me.I will help you out.The reason why i am not texting is because i am busy and currently have no time for khabaran.But insyallah if you have problems i will reply asap.That's me.hahaha

Hey remember that time,when you felt really down and i ask you to smile yourself at the mirror and after laugh at yourself?Yes that's me.You are my friend Myra I won't cast you aside.Though i may not be talking to you as much as i used to do before i am still your friend..If you need anything just text me.Don't hesistate JUST DO IT!

We met at facebook.Kinda cool to actually know you.Knowing that your my God Brother SISTER IN LAW.haha Playnation was the best enjoyable time i had with you.Really.I know your always there with me if i am down.And i am grateful for that.Funny but serious at times.That's what i think o0f you.Thank you.

Haha.Simple 3 word.Sweet Adorable and Cute.Ok i better run before Azmi Chase me.But hey your nice to talk and definitely will be one of the few i share my relationship problems with.And i am happy that you and my GOd brother are together.I hope that you marriage will cherish under god's will

Hi Ira.It's Kinda cool you know to have my first ever Box office friend PLUS CLOSE FRIEND some more.I treat you like my adik.Serious.You know thanks for cheering me up when i feel really down.You taught me to actually be myself.You told me not to lose hope of something i want to achieve.I don't feel sad when i am around you cause your there to cheer me up.Somehow kinda sad i don't get to see you this week cause of basement but hey it doesn't matter.When i really need someone to talk to your already there.And hey,never look down on yourself.Love takes time.Trust me i am pretty sure they are guys out there who would want to know you better and date you.That i am sure.

PS:You look beautiful both inside and outside as well.Don't let what other says about you affect you.

Yo HUDSON.!!What's up dawg?Whatcha doing?Hey i admire you voice like really.They way you sang.You sang it with your heart.And that's singing.Your so tomboyish.Hahaha.Really but i am still cooler than you swag.Yea i am cooler Than You.Ok we are both cool.Nobody can't swag to that corner and swagger like us swagger swagger like us.Sorry to say I am a Selena Fan Boy.:P
Btw your my best friend no matter what.:)So don't feel left out.I will try to talk to you when i am free.We catch up on things alright?

Hahaha.I dunno what to say.Your from Loyalty right if i remember correctly.My arch rival in primary school.Do you know that last year when i met you during teacher's day i had a crush on you.LOL!!really when i was actually going through facebook looking for you.I was immature back then but now i understand love takes time and i am glad you still remember me as an ex schoolmate.After like what,5 years?I heard you had problems but hey i am here if you want someone to talk to.:)Take care alright?

Hey It's been a while since i last met.Where have you been bro??I really wanna meet and catch on things with you.Still remember SYED THE LEGEND?Haha that was kinda cool.You taught me the term humour can be express in many ways and not by indirectly insulting after that episode.Seriously i hope we can catch up on stuffs.All the best syed.

PS:I want to be a hustler too.JKJK

Hi Naqibah,I might not know you that well yet but i am willing to know about you more.Alright?
Your friendly.Funniest momment will be the part where you ask for kerepok but i have no idea what kerepok your looking for.Hahahaha.If you anything just beep me:)Take care alright?

Natasha.One thing's for sure your the most down to earth person i ever met on facebook.Alhamdulilah,I wish people are like you.Really.I hope i get to meet you one day and we could catch up on things.I love your quotes and everything about you.You know i had a dream about you couple of days back that i was your boyfriend but it was only just a dream.I was thinking about you,thinking about me thinking about us.Chey kk i stop.hey if you have problems and you wish to share,share it with me.I try to hlp:)

'You guys are my treasure,My life,My Soul,My family living together in this world.'


Sunday, February 6, 2011


I keep this post short.

My friends are the most amazing people i have in my life apart from my family.When they are down i try to help them,when i am down they help me.:)Cool cycle right?
Yes when it comes to friendship i don't treat my friends like friends but like my own brother and sisters.Yes they are also part of MY FAMILY.

I would never leave them regardless of the situation.I would stick to them till the very end.Going through all those challenges together.I do argue with my friends a lot.Yes that i must admit.But those arguments will just made our bonds stronger.Knowing that we care for one another.Even if i meet new friends or in a some faraway place i will still keep in touch.

My friends are my irreplaceable treasures.They are always a part of my life.If one ignores i do try to find out their problems they with me.Change myself for the better for them and for myself also.

"If a man does not make new acquaintance as he advances through life, he will soon find himself left alone. A man, Sir, should keep his friendship in constant repair."

Samuel Johnson

'My friends will be a part of me no matter how bad my life is.They,apart from my family would still keep me going and to never lose hope.'


PS:I love this song.You should listen to it.:)
I just wanna dance ehhhhhhhhhhhh,I don't really care ehhhhhhhhh.
except i can't care to teach me anyone?

Monday, January 31, 2011


Hmm,When i first start working at Cathay cineleisure Orchard.I had completely no experience in F&B.It's like going to war unprepared.Especially when it comes to opening your own counter for the very first time.I remember i couldn't even greet a customer properly.It was horrible but i remember what i told to Jenifer that time when she interview me.I am ready to face challenges in my life.This was a challenge which i had least expected but it was also one of the most valuable experience that i ever had.

As days go by,i started to pick up the pace in my work from being totally clueless to exactly have a rough idea of what i supposed to do at work.It was kinda fun but also very frustrating.Knowing that you find it hard to adapt the life at work especially when you have colleagues who take advantage of you is frustrating.

To be honest.I really love working at cathay.I don't mind the people there but what i hate is the management..It's alright if your the top bosses at work but at least before changing something or making some rules please have a talk with the staff about it.Let us have a say in this also.They should take our opinion into consideration.Another thing please don't make last minute decision.I found it kinda annoying having to adapt to the new rules at last minute.

Frequent Ask questions,

Who's your best manager?
Lim Bu Yong

Who's your best SuperVisor?
Hazel,Yadiy,Yvain,Syikin :)

Who's Your Best Colleague?
Iradatun.-.-She bully me at work.

Who's your best Partner
Ape Partner??I am still single lar.

Who is your trainer when your a trainee?

Hot girl at work?
All of them are hot hot hot:)

Any dates you want to have at work?
Yes.Tapi takut tanya.KEDI SIA HARIZ

Any girl you have a crush on at work?
got but you know me i got over it easily.Being single is fun so you can flirt around.

Any surprises at work
FULL of them.Especially siblings and couples working together.

Got scolded at work before?

Tease anyone yet at work?
Yup.Hasri and Shahira GOT THE BEST OUT OF ME.heh

Funniest Moments at work.
Clifford calling me Hasri while calling Hasri Hariz.Same goes for the manager.

Favorite position at work?
Usher like duh.

When quiting?
Not quiting,going for study break.:)

Who should hang out more with you?
Zaki,Mus,Ella,farhannah,Hazel,Iradatun,Syahira,Irshad,Vinoa,HASRI and Shahirah.


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Guys would be guys.

I really must must come up with a better title than this.The way i say it sounds so wrong plus i am a guy and not a gay.Anyway today was kinda alright.Shifted into a new apartment.Though i feel kinda bad betraying Yvain and the others at work that i will be coming for work Yesterday night.Well i hope they forgive me for doing that. Unforeseen circumstances while moving it's raining of course the movement of furniture from 1 house to the other would be delayed.

Well i like somebody that i recently get to know off,i been dying to ask her out but i can't.It's not that i don't want to but somehow i felt that i am not ready for relationships.What if it doesn't work out?Who will be more at hurt?She or I?I don't want that to happen.Besides,love can wait.Studies comes first.I don't want to ever fail again at something.Doing things with upmost conviction this time.

Ok stop lying myself and others.I want her and i want her badly.LOL!but everything i do it's hard to get her attention.Sometimes she would just ignore me other times would just have awkward conversations which made things A LOT WORSE.It's like i have nothing to say or i just like nothing comes into my mind when i see her we would just smile at each other and walk away.I hate that.It makes me feel like i am pathetic.Ok maybe i am pathetic.TOO Pathetic.But somehow i know if i don't talk to her now sooner or later she will be attached to somebody and i have no other opportunity to go at her again.

And you know what is even worse than feeling pathetic for not being able to talk a proper conversation to the girl you liked?The way i help people to get their relationships going and not mine.It's like Hitch.He help a guy to chase a girl of his dreams and he couldn't do it himself.It's like me telling others what to do to get attached and me not being able to do it.Make me feel like A Hypocrite which i hate it so much.

To be honest,I feel that most girls sometimes fall in love in guys not because of their personality but because of their looks and status.It's like wow he's such a cutie let's ask him out but they do not know that his an ass actually and they don't care.It's all about looks and attitude.And that's when relationship doesn't work cause they couldn't get along well cause they do not have a complete trust with one another and they blame it on the opposite sex when they broke up but in reality they do not realized that they are the ones causing it.It's not that i support either side.It is just i look on both sides of the coin.In fact,let me ask is that real love to you?Dating and dovey each other for a couple of months and then when something bad happens you broke up?Personally i feel that is just some sort of trend that you guys follow teenagers in North America.When it comes to real love,they will go through challenges together face it and when things go for a worse,when you know on the verge of breaking up.Someone for either side will definitely try to save it.Also a COMPLETE TRUST plays a part in a relationship.
For guys please don't ever ever talk about how you wish you can have sex with your gf which i keep hearing or other girls.IT DISGUST ME A LOT.Same thing for the girls.

(I will apologize on my behalf if the story above offends both my male and female readers.But hey i am entitle to have on my opinion on my own blog right?Maybe i just don't know how relationship works for you guys but this is my personal opinion.I been through 1 but it's short.I was immature way back then.)

Love this photo that Azalea took for me Thank You for that outing.I really enjoyed it.

I hope that she will wait for me:)

I don't believe in the saying 'Nice Guys Always Finish Last.'


Friday, January 28, 2011

Ok...Let me blog you through song for today.

Why don't you go for a ride,
Now to the other side,
Feel so good and right,
but you to take it for granted,
You take it for granted eh eh eh,

Life is like mean machine,
You make mess out of me,
And you pretend that nothing has happen to me,
and you take it for granted,
And you take it for granted eh eh eh.

But i am stronger now,
than you could ever know,
and i won't let that happen again,


Don't you dare walk away,
I want you show you that,
How you make my heart break

How you feel now,
Are you sad now,
This is how you make me feel
How you make my heart break

So everybody stand down
Please see that how i feel
How she make my heart break.


How you feel now,
When i tell the world,
What you did to break my heart,
What you can't replaced with apologies,
Now you feel that pain as i do

(Sound effects,Just rock yourself out)

(Repeat Chorus x2)

Don't you dare walk away
And feel
This is how my heart break.

'Inspired by Rob Thomas This is How My Heart Breaks'

Ok i hope that original make sense.Thank you for viewing my profile.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Just an ordinary day.

Sorry today i have nothing write but i hope my notes on facebook which i am gonna cut it and paste it here would left an impact on us.:)


God has given us life.We treat it like as though it was not a gift.I say this because most of the times i see or hear that people smoke,drink,taking drugs and casual sex.Yes you cannot deny this because its true.Doing this acts really does harm our body.God blow us life perfectly,its time we return that back in perfect condition.There are other activities out there that are more beneficial in life.Sports.According to research smoking takes away 5 minutes of your total lifespan in earth.So please try to live your life to the fullest.Life can also affect as emotionally as well.We should learn to love our bodies more often.This is so that we can live healthier life for the future.All of us have a future.Its how you go through it that counts.There's no used to cry over spill milk.

'Treat each day as if it was your last.'


People say with hard work and effort we can achieve to any great heights.Put in your effort to achieve those things.Then we could achieve what we want in life.


I have not much to say for this but yea its true.I remembered sharing someone a sms.
This is what i said.It goes like this.

50% are your friends
The other 45% goes to your friends but who doesn't care about you.
10% are the only group of friends to rely on.
They will stick with you till the very end.


Well all i can say it depends on your attitude as it only determine your altitude in life.
Never gave up hope towards success.
Approach it in a different way.
Work together?
You will never reach your dreams if you dun intend to rap to scale the mountain itself 
Success is all about you.

'Each of us has our own stories to make,own stories to share.'


Tuesday, January 25, 2011


The year 2011 started off as a very exciting year as i will know my o level results.I was hoping for a very nice score during my o levels results but instead it was a total nightmare.I was left emo for like 4 days but i have to be thankful to allah for giving me such a great family in my life.My MOTHER FATHER STEPFATHER YOUNGER SISTER AND MY FRIENDS AND YOU KAKAK.k happy now?I wrote in everybody.So please don't piss me off.You almost did it on facebook.If you wanted to say something negatively say it in a nice way like 'hariz i think your phrasing it wrongly' rather than 'Then your implying that your family doesn't support you at all?'.I love my family but when you say that it pisses me off A LOT because your trying to tell me that your assuming that i don't love my family.That gift that was given to me by Allah and you say that i don't love my family?YOUR VERY WRONG THERE.

I started off working at cathay during the first day of december 2010.I really love the job.As the day goes on i pick up many things from there like how to cook Nuggets,clear the popcorn from the popper when it is cook.All sort of stuff.The most important i learnt how to be independent and not rely on others.A simple skill that i found it difficult to master but i think i have gotta hang of it as each day goes by.I will try my best k to smile at work....and like you say open.Insyallah.Apart from work,i am also doing a project camp bunnayah.It's basically a camp that is for kids ages 9-11.I am proud to be part of the organizing committee of the camp.The irony is that they left me in charge of the finance & marketing dept.Marketing is alright but finance?Money and me don't click at all.Knowing my Boss i am sure he will have a pretty good reason why he left me in charge there.So i just how see the show goes i am sure i can pick up something from there.Friends at work?yea i have.I am kinda close to Ira and Azalea grateful that i get to know them.:)
How about bosses there?I kinda grateful that i have understandable bosses like abg shaiful.He taught me a lot of good skills to pick up from work.

I have decided to retake three of my o's level subject as a private candidate while studying in ITE.After this year i know i will score better in O's and then probably transfer to Lassale or Nafa both schools that excels in the performing arts.I always dreamt to be an actor.Might as well i pursue it but who knows it's all under god's will and my determination to achieve it.Portfolio?ouh yes i am starting a project after chinese new year.What is it?That's for me to know you to find out.:)

That will be all for today.I might blog again tomorrow.Take care.


'Build your dreams and never stop believing in it.'