Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My 24 Lasagna :)

I want more Lasagna please:)One of my favorite cats:)Garfield

'I am most appreciative of what God has given me in my life.His greatest gift was the gift of Friendship.

Who to start?who to start who start??

Xuanyu aka ROBIN
Hey bro,We been through a lot.Plus we grew up together.It's kinda fun growing up together.Cycling around the neighborhood like nobody business.Playing football,going chalet.Remember before moving out i told you this.

'Even if we are far apart i do everything i can to keep in touch with you.'

Up to now i kept my promise.Thanks for being there with me for 7 years.

Tze Hao
How are you doing old pal?Yea you taught me an important lesson as we grow up together with Robin.You taught me of being loyal to your friends.Remember that there was this point of time where i didn't turn to play football.You actually seek me out of what i been doing.You saw played ps2 with my new found friends.You were really pissed with me and you fought with me.After that fight i realized my mistakes and try to make up for it and you still accepted after all i said that hurts you..Touched and grateful that your still my best friend.Thank you

My buddy since p1.HAHAHAHA.The best part about you being my friend is that we would be able to talk about the MOST WEIRDEST AND RANDOM STUFF during school.From Pokemon change to Digimon change to Azreal yellow armpit.HAHAHAHA.During 6/2 i personally didn't tell you this but i wish we were schooling together in secondary school because the thought of you losing you in secondary school is very difficult for me to adapt..Cause it's hard to find a friend like you.Thank you for keeping in touch with me after all these years.

haha Rayson.You know in primary school i thought you weren't that serious like Rayen but i guessed wrong.Lol.Knowing you for a couple of years is kinda rewarding cause remember in 5/1 when i was down you were the first to cheer me up.Really grateful.Ouh yea i still thrash you in Halo at your place the other time.Your birthday?I can't remember BUT I GOT THRASH YOU WITH MY PLASMA SWORD.Hehehe.Thanks for being a friend to me.:)

One of my first few friends i made in secondary school.YES FIRST FEW.In secondary 2 you told me that i was being an ass towards you just because your indian.I denied that and i have proven my friendship with you.I found you as the most layback person ever and the most trustworthy among my circle of friends.If i have a secret i definitely will share it to you.That just show how much i trusted you and i still do now.Haha best part of my life with you will definitely be sleeping together during chemistry lesson.What happens if you put an azhar who's sleep and a hariz who's ignorant together?Double combo Sleep.HAHAHAHA.Thanks for being there with me.

Haha met at facebook.I can't actually believe your my cousin's ex classmate.Hahaha.Yea we been through a lot.Me being emo as always.:(and if i am not emo you are EMO!!!Funniest part is when we met.There was no sense of awkwardness between us.It was free flow and cool.:)Kinda proud to call you my best friend cause you are 1.:)Thank you.

hmm....Ape nak cakap.Yea you are my best friend.THANK YOU!!!Haha just joking.Hey it was nice having you around during CSP.Really.Don't take this as a wrong way but i actually have a crush on you since Sec 3.Just that i didn't say because i am afraid it might ruin our friendship.We been through a lot.And when i say a lot MEANS A LOT.From speaking weird chinese and me coming up with PERFECT ESSAYS.hehe.I am proud to have you as one of my best friends.Noooo not a best friend a second sister to me.:)

Ps:Remember that starbucks i bought for you at that point of time i didn't know an expresso is just a black coffee.

I really don't know what to say about you.SUMPAH I DON'T KNOW.It's still a mystery to me on how we became close friends.I RAGE AT YOU during sec 1 when you stole 1 of the school badminton court just to play with your friends and leaving the rest out.But hey i am glad to have you in my circle of friends.Even if you curse me a lot i know you are trying to push me and trying to stop from being lazy.Hey i was immature back then but now i realized my mistakes and i will not repeat them.I will try ok?Under my will that i will make you and my parents proud of who i am today.:)

Khai hey thanks for being my classmate.It was a blast having you around in class.Without you there will be no 'WTF' moments in class.Without you the class be quiet.You taught me something really valuable in my life.You taught me my own sense of direction.Yes I admit it i have no sense of direction but hey after you told i realized where i stand i realized what i want to do in life in my future,If you didn't have made me aware i probably wouldn't survive in the real world.Thank you Khai for everything.

haha.4 years and i am still counting.We been through a lot.We fight,we argue.Of all sort of stuffs.I couldn't have a better close friend like you.It's hard.You were my friend and true friend that i have made in Siglap.I couldn't really say no more.My friendship i promise you will never break even if we are far apart bro.Your like the only of the few people i could rely on at school.You taught me of being myself.Nothing else.I am really grateful.Really.God has given me a friend that i will never ever want to let go or forget.You will always be a part of my life.Always.

Do you know that you remind me of Kenny Danglish?Ok that's bullshit but yea.Hey you taught me on how to be really TAK SEMANGAT (Not High Spirited) for something.Haha.Apart from that you are one the coolest dude in class.Yes coolest.I envy that really.But overall your a cool dude to hang out with.Thanks

Hafiz,Your one of those i kinda enjoyed talking too.I don't know but when i bored or alone you talked to me.Kinda cool in a sense that you know you took notice of people.Which i am learning from you.Thanks bro.

I forget.How do we met?hahaha.Hey soldier boy,Your cool and you remind me of NEVILE LONGBOTTOM.Except he's schooling in siglap and not hogwarts.Yea i assure our project is still there.WE ARE GONNA MAKE IT BIG!!i promise you that.It our dream.Dare to dream.Dare to achieve by doing it.

Goreng pisang aring aring cfm sedap di makan.(Crispy pisang goreng is definitely nice to eat while it's crispy hot. = make no sense or probably bad translation.I fail malay.Hey your my brother and i am grateful that your part of my life.Though i envy your coolness which i clearly try to imitate and fail.You taught me on how not to be so persistent and stubborn.Thank you.

Hi adik.Yes cute and cuddly like private from Madagascar.Hey if you have problems just text me.I will help you out.The reason why i am not texting is because i am busy and currently have no time for khabaran.But insyallah if you have problems i will reply asap.That's me.hahaha

Hey remember that time,when you felt really down and i ask you to smile yourself at the mirror and after laugh at yourself?Yes that's me.You are my friend Myra I won't cast you aside.Though i may not be talking to you as much as i used to do before i am still your friend..If you need anything just text me.Don't hesistate JUST DO IT!

We met at facebook.Kinda cool to actually know you.Knowing that your my God Brother SISTER IN LAW.haha Playnation was the best enjoyable time i had with you.Really.I know your always there with me if i am down.And i am grateful for that.Funny but serious at times.That's what i think o0f you.Thank you.

Haha.Simple 3 word.Sweet Adorable and Cute.Ok i better run before Azmi Chase me.But hey your nice to talk and definitely will be one of the few i share my relationship problems with.And i am happy that you and my GOd brother are together.I hope that you marriage will cherish under god's will

Hi Ira.It's Kinda cool you know to have my first ever Box office friend PLUS CLOSE FRIEND some more.I treat you like my adik.Serious.You know thanks for cheering me up when i feel really down.You taught me to actually be myself.You told me not to lose hope of something i want to achieve.I don't feel sad when i am around you cause your there to cheer me up.Somehow kinda sad i don't get to see you this week cause of basement but hey it doesn't matter.When i really need someone to talk to your already there.And hey,never look down on yourself.Love takes time.Trust me i am pretty sure they are guys out there who would want to know you better and date you.That i am sure.

PS:You look beautiful both inside and outside as well.Don't let what other says about you affect you.

Yo HUDSON.!!What's up dawg?Whatcha doing?Hey i admire you voice like really.They way you sang.You sang it with your heart.And that's singing.Your so tomboyish.Hahaha.Really but i am still cooler than you swag.Yea i am cooler Than You.Ok we are both cool.Nobody can't swag to that corner and swagger like us swagger swagger like us.Sorry to say I am a Selena Fan Boy.:P
Btw your my best friend no matter what.:)So don't feel left out.I will try to talk to you when i am free.We catch up on things alright?

Hahaha.I dunno what to say.Your from Loyalty right if i remember correctly.My arch rival in primary school.Do you know that last year when i met you during teacher's day i had a crush on you.LOL!!really when i was actually going through facebook looking for you.I was immature back then but now i understand love takes time and i am glad you still remember me as an ex schoolmate.After like what,5 years?I heard you had problems but hey i am here if you want someone to talk to.:)Take care alright?

Hey It's been a while since i last met.Where have you been bro??I really wanna meet and catch on things with you.Still remember SYED THE LEGEND?Haha that was kinda cool.You taught me the term humour can be express in many ways and not by indirectly insulting after that episode.Seriously i hope we can catch up on stuffs.All the best syed.

PS:I want to be a hustler too.JKJK

Hi Naqibah,I might not know you that well yet but i am willing to know about you more.Alright?
Your friendly.Funniest momment will be the part where you ask for kerepok but i have no idea what kerepok your looking for.Hahahaha.If you anything just beep me:)Take care alright?

Natasha.One thing's for sure your the most down to earth person i ever met on facebook.Alhamdulilah,I wish people are like you.Really.I hope i get to meet you one day and we could catch up on things.I love your quotes and everything about you.You know i had a dream about you couple of days back that i was your boyfriend but it was only just a dream.I was thinking about you,thinking about me thinking about us.Chey kk i stop.hey if you have problems and you wish to share,share it with me.I try to hlp:)

'You guys are my treasure,My life,My Soul,My family living together in this world.'


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  1. no, why would i take it the wrong way? am i supposed to? :) since sec 3? i thought it was last year.

    hahaha yeah with your very weird pronounciation and me laughing my head off at one side. you coming up with perfect essays? MY FOOT! HAHAHA Xp. csp was kinda stressful/boring/frustrating but there were really fun times XD

    psst! how can i be your second sister when you already have 2 blood-related sisters?

    ps: i STILL remember the time when you couldnt remember and get my name right. come on, i have the simplest name in the whole world. ever! (well, the first name at least XD)

    pps: aww thanks for the post! i really like it XD oh and an espresso is more like a really concentrated coffee