Friday, February 25, 2011

Life as we all know it.

Before i start i just like to share a little thought with the readers out there.

'Promises were not meant to be broken,they were made for a reason.If you keep a promise be true to your word.Don't back out of it.Trust me if you can keep to your word people tend to have more trust in you than others and you get respected easily.'

People just keep saying to me that their life is messed up.I am sick and tired of hearing this.I, too, have many problems forced being laid down on me.It's up to me to adapt to it and made changes for the better.People too also tend to get argumentative about it saying theirs is worse than the other.If you were to say that then your wrong there.You don't know how messed the other person life is.If it was me my response would be that 'I am about to lose someone close to me.'Enough said..

That's why i been trying to instill myself a sense of patience and to control my anger necessarily but sometimes people just try to test me and i for one don't like it.For years now,i been storing my anger in a bottle.Controlling my anger with patience.but it doesn't work that way.I now realized that i have to share it with someone.Someone i could really trust but i just couldn't find that.

'Life is like a mean machine and it make a mess outta me.'

Yes,i agreed to it.This is life.Life would not be completed with hardships.Do remember every obstacle is a challenge from God.He would want see how we approach and adapt to it.

I am sorry i couldn't write more because i can't really think of what to write but i will reupdate it tommorrow alright:)

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