Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Just an ordinary day.

Sorry today i have nothing write but i hope my notes on facebook which i am gonna cut it and paste it here would left an impact on us.:)


God has given us life.We treat it like as though it was not a gift.I say this because most of the times i see or hear that people smoke,drink,taking drugs and casual sex.Yes you cannot deny this because its true.Doing this acts really does harm our body.God blow us life perfectly,its time we return that back in perfect condition.There are other activities out there that are more beneficial in life.Sports.According to research smoking takes away 5 minutes of your total lifespan in earth.So please try to live your life to the fullest.Life can also affect as emotionally as well.We should learn to love our bodies more often.This is so that we can live healthier life for the future.All of us have a future.Its how you go through it that counts.There's no used to cry over spill milk.

'Treat each day as if it was your last.'


People say with hard work and effort we can achieve to any great heights.Put in your effort to achieve those things.Then we could achieve what we want in life.


I have not much to say for this but yea its true.I remembered sharing someone a sms.
This is what i said.It goes like this.

50% are your friends
The other 45% goes to your friends but who doesn't care about you.
10% are the only group of friends to rely on.
They will stick with you till the very end.


Well all i can say it depends on your attitude as it only determine your altitude in life.
Never gave up hope towards success.
Approach it in a different way.
Work together?
You will never reach your dreams if you dun intend to rap to scale the mountain itself 
Success is all about you.

'Each of us has our own stories to make,own stories to share.'


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