Friday, January 28, 2011

Ok...Let me blog you through song for today.

Why don't you go for a ride,
Now to the other side,
Feel so good and right,
but you to take it for granted,
You take it for granted eh eh eh,

Life is like mean machine,
You make mess out of me,
And you pretend that nothing has happen to me,
and you take it for granted,
And you take it for granted eh eh eh.

But i am stronger now,
than you could ever know,
and i won't let that happen again,


Don't you dare walk away,
I want you show you that,
How you make my heart break

How you feel now,
Are you sad now,
This is how you make me feel
How you make my heart break

So everybody stand down
Please see that how i feel
How she make my heart break.


How you feel now,
When i tell the world,
What you did to break my heart,
What you can't replaced with apologies,
Now you feel that pain as i do

(Sound effects,Just rock yourself out)

(Repeat Chorus x2)

Don't you dare walk away
And feel
This is how my heart break.

'Inspired by Rob Thomas This is How My Heart Breaks'

Ok i hope that original make sense.Thank you for viewing my profile.

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