Saturday, March 19, 2011

Thank you my Bunnayah F&M Team

Firstly before i start i would want to apologize for the mistakes i made and if i did any wrong doings that made you want to blow your hat off.Secondly i know it's late but hey better late than never right...
Working with all of you is the most amazing the experience i ever had in my lifetime.At first to be honest,I really didn't know what i was doing or where should we focused on.I felt like giving up and i do remember questioning my leadership to all of you on facebook before.At that point of time Zakir confronted me,telling me 'hey stop questioning your are supposed to be our leader..And we stand by it'From that onwards,i decided not to question my abilities and do to my utmost best to guide my group to be the best team that has to offer for bunnayah camp 2011.
Whether be it related to the project or not i still want to do what i can as a leader and i must say i did myself proud.I manage what i think other groups didn't managed to achieve and that's unity..Unity between not only members of the group but together with our 2 mentors as well.Do you guys still remember the part where we stayed at perdaus bedok till 9?We definitely had fun.DEFINITElY from Pizza's to whacky presentations at the classroom.I tell you i won't forget that day.It was probably one of the best day i ever have.And i think you guys too.Another favorite moment i remembered where Amirul transformed to SUPERMONKEY!!!hahaha that was really epic he's personality changes right?Remembered how we actually argued with both co-ods and games team to put supermonkey in.Until Ustaz Hatta had to be involved due to some misunderstanding but hey we got to keep SUPERMONKEY!!!SUPERMONKEY our original work and look at how successful it became..It attracted a lot of kids to the camp.Especially the girl's side.I asked a couple of them on how they were attracted to the camp and it was because they said that Supermonkey was cute.Aww Amirul you have admirers.:D and a job well done Amirul.A job well done.I am also grateful that even after project hours we eat together as a group.Haha from Canadian Pizza, banquet to KFC.:D
During the camp itself,i still talked to you guys and well you didn't leave me out..Thank you again:D
I am truly blessed to work with Zakir,Amirul,Atirah,Khairiah,faris,Hakeem,abg khairil and kak Hazwany and i couldn't ask for more.I wish you all the best for your future endeavours.I am sure you guys have my number do feel free to contact me if you wished too.Keep in touch alright?
And now let us look forward for our outing together as a group.It's gonna be a day of a lifetime.I promised.Just a small request do update our bunnayah f&m group page if you have something interesting to share as i will do the same as well.:D

'All of you are not only just my members but are also part of my one big family as well.'



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  1. i am blessed to have you all too! all the best bro!