Sunday, September 11, 2011



As promised i will write this.

The person i liked is the person who doesn't see the bad the in everybody.She's the type that makes everybody go crazy.The type where she makes them crazy but at the same time stay true to themselves .The type where she can find joy even at the most saddest of time.Most importantly she the type where she pushes everybody out of their comfort zone and made them think why is there a success story in their life...:)

How i wish that was true....

Ok back to the main topic.

Hmm it's been three months since we met..Honestly at first i didn't know how to approached you..Because your face look damn serious and fierce.I am not lying very serious indeed.So i just follow the flow with the situation and alhamdulilah after like maybe 3 hours or so we started talking to each other and i couldn't find that period of awkwardness between us.Because it's free flowing and i felt like we already had known each other for a long time. So over the months grew by and we started talking,contacting and even sharing a bit of our problems.I felt like honestly when you enter my life it was the one of the best blessings that has given me.Which is you.


I just got to know your with someone now..It took most of my spirits away.Thinking of you was a bad idea and there was no way i could shook you off my mind.I feel kinda happy for you being together with him but at the same time sad for myself for not telling that i grew attached towards you..It's okay i don't want it to happen because i just knew it's too rush and i just knew you...Also i rather want us to remained as friends.The free flow sort of relationship that we used to have..I just gotta learn to move on...Slowly i am doing it.Insyallah i make it.I do not want to avoid you or make you feel unrest because it's just not my nature to do it.

I hope i can move on.....Amin...:)

One thing for sure....I am still your close friend no matter what happens.Till the very end.


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