Tuesday, January 25, 2011


The year 2011 started off as a very exciting year as i will know my o level results.I was hoping for a very nice score during my o levels results but instead it was a total nightmare.I was left emo for like 4 days but i have to be thankful to allah for giving me such a great family in my life.My MOTHER FATHER STEPFATHER YOUNGER SISTER AND MY FRIENDS AND YOU KAKAK.k happy now?I wrote in everybody.So please don't piss me off.You almost did it on facebook.If you wanted to say something negatively say it in a nice way like 'hariz i think your phrasing it wrongly' rather than 'Then your implying that your family doesn't support you at all?'.I love my family but when you say that it pisses me off A LOT because your trying to tell me that your assuming that i don't love my family.That gift that was given to me by Allah and you say that i don't love my family?YOUR VERY WRONG THERE.

I started off working at cathay during the first day of december 2010.I really love the job.As the day goes on i pick up many things from there like how to cook Nuggets,clear the popcorn from the popper when it is cook.All sort of stuff.The most important i learnt how to be independent and not rely on others.A simple skill that i found it difficult to master but i think i have gotta hang of it as each day goes by.I will try my best k to smile at work....and like you say open.Insyallah.Apart from work,i am also doing a project camp bunnayah.It's basically a camp that is for kids ages 9-11.I am proud to be part of the organizing committee of the camp.The irony is that they left me in charge of the finance & marketing dept.Marketing is alright but finance?Money and me don't click at all.Knowing my Boss i am sure he will have a pretty good reason why he left me in charge there.So i just how see the show goes i am sure i can pick up something from there.Friends at work?yea i have.I am kinda close to Ira and Azalea grateful that i get to know them.:)
How about bosses there?I kinda grateful that i have understandable bosses like abg shaiful.He taught me a lot of good skills to pick up from work.

I have decided to retake three of my o's level subject as a private candidate while studying in ITE.After this year i know i will score better in O's and then probably transfer to Lassale or Nafa both schools that excels in the performing arts.I always dreamt to be an actor.Might as well i pursue it but who knows it's all under god's will and my determination to achieve it.Portfolio?ouh yes i am starting a project after chinese new year.What is it?That's for me to know you to find out.:)

That will be all for today.I might blog again tomorrow.Take care.


'Build your dreams and never stop believing in it.'

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