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Monday, January 31, 2011


Hmm,When i first start working at Cathay cineleisure Orchard.I had completely no experience in F&B.It's like going to war unprepared.Especially when it comes to opening your own counter for the very first time.I remember i couldn't even greet a customer properly.It was horrible but i remember what i told to Jenifer that time when she interview me.I am ready to face challenges in my life.This was a challenge which i had least expected but it was also one of the most valuable experience that i ever had.

As days go by,i started to pick up the pace in my work from being totally clueless to exactly have a rough idea of what i supposed to do at work.It was kinda fun but also very frustrating.Knowing that you find it hard to adapt the life at work especially when you have colleagues who take advantage of you is frustrating.

To be honest.I really love working at cathay.I don't mind the people there but what i hate is the management..It's alright if your the top bosses at work but at least before changing something or making some rules please have a talk with the staff about it.Let us have a say in this also.They should take our opinion into consideration.Another thing please don't make last minute decision.I found it kinda annoying having to adapt to the new rules at last minute.

Frequent Ask questions,

Who's your best manager?
Lim Bu Yong

Who's your best SuperVisor?
Hazel,Yadiy,Yvain,Syikin :)

Who's Your Best Colleague?
Iradatun.-.-She bully me at work.

Who's your best Partner
Ape Partner??I am still single lar.

Who is your trainer when your a trainee?

Hot girl at work?
All of them are hot hot hot:)

Any dates you want to have at work?
Yes.Tapi takut tanya.KEDI SIA HARIZ

Any girl you have a crush on at work?
got but you know me i got over it easily.Being single is fun so you can flirt around.

Any surprises at work
FULL of them.Especially siblings and couples working together.

Got scolded at work before?

Tease anyone yet at work?
Yup.Hasri and Shahira GOT THE BEST OUT OF ME.heh

Funniest Moments at work.
Clifford calling me Hasri while calling Hasri Hariz.Same goes for the manager.

Favorite position at work?
Usher like duh.

When quiting?
Not quiting,going for study break.:)

Who should hang out more with you?
Zaki,Mus,Ella,farhannah,Hazel,Iradatun,Syahira,Irshad,Vinoa,HASRI and Shahirah.


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Guys would be guys.

I really must must come up with a better title than this.The way i say it sounds so wrong plus i am a guy and not a gay.Anyway today was kinda alright.Shifted into a new apartment.Though i feel kinda bad betraying Yvain and the others at work that i will be coming for work Yesterday night.Well i hope they forgive me for doing that. Unforeseen circumstances while moving it's raining of course the movement of furniture from 1 house to the other would be delayed.

Well i like somebody that i recently get to know off,i been dying to ask her out but i can't.It's not that i don't want to but somehow i felt that i am not ready for relationships.What if it doesn't work out?Who will be more at hurt?She or I?I don't want that to happen.Besides,love can wait.Studies comes first.I don't want to ever fail again at something.Doing things with upmost conviction this time.

Ok stop lying myself and others.I want her and i want her badly.LOL!but everything i do it's hard to get her attention.Sometimes she would just ignore me other times would just have awkward conversations which made things A LOT WORSE.It's like i have nothing to say or i just like nothing comes into my mind when i see her we would just smile at each other and walk away.I hate that.It makes me feel like i am pathetic.Ok maybe i am pathetic.TOO Pathetic.But somehow i know if i don't talk to her now sooner or later she will be attached to somebody and i have no other opportunity to go at her again.

And you know what is even worse than feeling pathetic for not being able to talk a proper conversation to the girl you liked?The way i help people to get their relationships going and not mine.It's like Hitch.He help a guy to chase a girl of his dreams and he couldn't do it himself.It's like me telling others what to do to get attached and me not being able to do it.Make me feel like A Hypocrite which i hate it so much.

To be honest,I feel that most girls sometimes fall in love in guys not because of their personality but because of their looks and status.It's like wow he's such a cutie let's ask him out but they do not know that his an ass actually and they don't care.It's all about looks and attitude.And that's when relationship doesn't work cause they couldn't get along well cause they do not have a complete trust with one another and they blame it on the opposite sex when they broke up but in reality they do not realized that they are the ones causing it.It's not that i support either side.It is just i look on both sides of the coin.In fact,let me ask is that real love to you?Dating and dovey each other for a couple of months and then when something bad happens you broke up?Personally i feel that is just some sort of trend that you guys follow teenagers in North America.When it comes to real love,they will go through challenges together face it and when things go for a worse,when you know on the verge of breaking up.Someone for either side will definitely try to save it.Also a COMPLETE TRUST plays a part in a relationship.
For guys please don't ever ever talk about how you wish you can have sex with your gf which i keep hearing or other girls.IT DISGUST ME A LOT.Same thing for the girls.

(I will apologize on my behalf if the story above offends both my male and female readers.But hey i am entitle to have on my opinion on my own blog right?Maybe i just don't know how relationship works for you guys but this is my personal opinion.I been through 1 but it's short.I was immature way back then.)

Love this photo that Azalea took for me Thank You for that outing.I really enjoyed it.

I hope that she will wait for me:)

I don't believe in the saying 'Nice Guys Always Finish Last.'


Friday, January 28, 2011

Ok...Let me blog you through song for today.

Why don't you go for a ride,
Now to the other side,
Feel so good and right,
but you to take it for granted,
You take it for granted eh eh eh,

Life is like mean machine,
You make mess out of me,
And you pretend that nothing has happen to me,
and you take it for granted,
And you take it for granted eh eh eh.

But i am stronger now,
than you could ever know,
and i won't let that happen again,


Don't you dare walk away,
I want you show you that,
How you make my heart break

How you feel now,
Are you sad now,
This is how you make me feel
How you make my heart break

So everybody stand down
Please see that how i feel
How she make my heart break.


How you feel now,
When i tell the world,
What you did to break my heart,
What you can't replaced with apologies,
Now you feel that pain as i do

(Sound effects,Just rock yourself out)

(Repeat Chorus x2)

Don't you dare walk away
And feel
This is how my heart break.

'Inspired by Rob Thomas This is How My Heart Breaks'

Ok i hope that original make sense.Thank you for viewing my profile.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Just an ordinary day.

Sorry today i have nothing write but i hope my notes on facebook which i am gonna cut it and paste it here would left an impact on us.:)


God has given us life.We treat it like as though it was not a gift.I say this because most of the times i see or hear that people smoke,drink,taking drugs and casual sex.Yes you cannot deny this because its true.Doing this acts really does harm our body.God blow us life perfectly,its time we return that back in perfect condition.There are other activities out there that are more beneficial in life.Sports.According to research smoking takes away 5 minutes of your total lifespan in earth.So please try to live your life to the fullest.Life can also affect as emotionally as well.We should learn to love our bodies more often.This is so that we can live healthier life for the future.All of us have a future.Its how you go through it that counts.There's no used to cry over spill milk.

'Treat each day as if it was your last.'


People say with hard work and effort we can achieve to any great heights.Put in your effort to achieve those things.Then we could achieve what we want in life.


I have not much to say for this but yea its true.I remembered sharing someone a sms.
This is what i said.It goes like this.

50% are your friends
The other 45% goes to your friends but who doesn't care about you.
10% are the only group of friends to rely on.
They will stick with you till the very end.


Well all i can say it depends on your attitude as it only determine your altitude in life.
Never gave up hope towards success.
Approach it in a different way.
Work together?
You will never reach your dreams if you dun intend to rap to scale the mountain itself 
Success is all about you.

'Each of us has our own stories to make,own stories to share.'


Tuesday, January 25, 2011


The year 2011 started off as a very exciting year as i will know my o level results.I was hoping for a very nice score during my o levels results but instead it was a total nightmare.I was left emo for like 4 days but i have to be thankful to allah for giving me such a great family in my life.My MOTHER FATHER STEPFATHER YOUNGER SISTER AND MY FRIENDS AND YOU KAKAK.k happy now?I wrote in everybody.So please don't piss me off.You almost did it on facebook.If you wanted to say something negatively say it in a nice way like 'hariz i think your phrasing it wrongly' rather than 'Then your implying that your family doesn't support you at all?'.I love my family but when you say that it pisses me off A LOT because your trying to tell me that your assuming that i don't love my family.That gift that was given to me by Allah and you say that i don't love my family?YOUR VERY WRONG THERE.

I started off working at cathay during the first day of december 2010.I really love the job.As the day goes on i pick up many things from there like how to cook Nuggets,clear the popcorn from the popper when it is cook.All sort of stuff.The most important i learnt how to be independent and not rely on others.A simple skill that i found it difficult to master but i think i have gotta hang of it as each day goes by.I will try my best k to smile at work....and like you say open.Insyallah.Apart from work,i am also doing a project camp bunnayah.It's basically a camp that is for kids ages 9-11.I am proud to be part of the organizing committee of the camp.The irony is that they left me in charge of the finance & marketing dept.Marketing is alright but finance?Money and me don't click at all.Knowing my Boss i am sure he will have a pretty good reason why he left me in charge there.So i just how see the show goes i am sure i can pick up something from there.Friends at work?yea i have.I am kinda close to Ira and Azalea grateful that i get to know them.:)
How about bosses there?I kinda grateful that i have understandable bosses like abg shaiful.He taught me a lot of good skills to pick up from work.

I have decided to retake three of my o's level subject as a private candidate while studying in ITE.After this year i know i will score better in O's and then probably transfer to Lassale or Nafa both schools that excels in the performing arts.I always dreamt to be an actor.Might as well i pursue it but who knows it's all under god's will and my determination to achieve it.Portfolio?ouh yes i am starting a project after chinese new year.What is it?That's for me to know you to find out.:)

That will be all for today.I might blog again tomorrow.Take care.


'Build your dreams and never stop believing in it.'