Saturday, September 10, 2011

My life :D


Sorry for the long update.I been busy.It's been awhile.

It's been 6 months since i was posted to ITE@College West.My life was like a roller coaster since then.Though i been busy i just feel like penning some thoughts down in this blog describing my life in ITE.There is no doubt that my life is sure a slack..It's way different and too relaxed of environment since i was in secondary school.

So what kept me busy?


Yes i had 2 in fact.Student Council and Campus Radio Club.These two cca's amazing in their own ways actually open my eyes of what i really want to achieve in my life in school.

Student Council

If i am not wrong,i join this cca during mid year..Actually i didn't wanted to be a councillor but since my coursemates recommended me and after some persuasion i thought i might give it a try.So far i kinda enjoy how it's run..I think i am lucky to have an amazing president as a friend.:D And yea i am indeed blessed i met some of the most wonderful friends in SC.When i joined SC for the first time they made me feel myself for the first time.It's been long since i was myself..I was this silent kid on the block.Thanks guys for making me feel at ease.
And a bigger thanks to my God brother Herwan for being str8 with me..Pull me down when i am high off my ground.I couldn't ask for a better bro than you.Thanks for being there.

Campus Radio Club

Now where to start?Oh!I know i remember way back then on the third week of april i actually went to personally ask if i can join the cca..And i sign up twice.Yea you guys gave me the wait of a lifetime.I need to admit i was very impatient back then.I was really eager to try to be on air for the first time in my life.So you guys started the cca with a welcome bbq party..:)It was amazing really..I thought at first i am scared that i could not get along with you guys but just like my SC you guys made me feel at ease better yet a place where indeed i truly belong.Yes i just wrote that.Spreading music was my passion.Spreading beautiful songs is and still my passion plus with heartwarming crew indeed i felt i was at home for once.It is like i felt that i knew you guys for quite long time.Heh thank you.I knew i had made some unnecessary mistakes that almost shook the club foundation upside down...And i am sorry...Really i am.Up to now i could not forgive myself for doing that..At one particular point of time i even thought of quitting the club because of my mistakes but after some who advised that was given to me by my friends.Quitting would be the last thing on my mind.I had met some amazing people while i was on CrC who indeed made a big impact of my life forever.You made me a better person than i am now and i can't thank you all enough.So a big thank you to these amazing people who changed me.

Wei Xian

But a bigger thanks to Fiiyah,Mylia and Farhannah aka Mummy.These three taught me that life is always not perfect.It was always a challenge indeed a big challenge.Not everything can go the way i want it to be.But the most important is to be 'me' just me.

Fiiyah taught me that it is best to be yourself and not to give a damn to what others says to you....Being yourself is better than pretending to be somebody your not..

Farhannah had taught me that you can always have a friend to rely on and support you even though when your really down and you feel that it is impossible to get back up again and there your friend would be entering that world when the rest walks out.
I hope i can be that type of friend towards my friends...Amin

Just today mylia told me..

'It's good to be weird because that says your different,Not the same as everyone else'

Thank you Mylia.Again i would never forget that.:D

Tha be it for this morning i post another one later this afternoon if time permits it..I think the next post is what people are dying to see though..What and why is that special someone is indeed special to me?Who she is to you etc etc..

Yes i post that later in the afternoon.I need to think first...Anyway to those readers who reads my blog and enjoys it thank you.:D

For those who didn't I don't give a thought of what you wanna say about me or my blog.My blog my book.


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