Monday, January 31, 2011


Hmm,When i first start working at Cathay cineleisure Orchard.I had completely no experience in F&B.It's like going to war unprepared.Especially when it comes to opening your own counter for the very first time.I remember i couldn't even greet a customer properly.It was horrible but i remember what i told to Jenifer that time when she interview me.I am ready to face challenges in my life.This was a challenge which i had least expected but it was also one of the most valuable experience that i ever had.

As days go by,i started to pick up the pace in my work from being totally clueless to exactly have a rough idea of what i supposed to do at work.It was kinda fun but also very frustrating.Knowing that you find it hard to adapt the life at work especially when you have colleagues who take advantage of you is frustrating.

To be honest.I really love working at cathay.I don't mind the people there but what i hate is the management..It's alright if your the top bosses at work but at least before changing something or making some rules please have a talk with the staff about it.Let us have a say in this also.They should take our opinion into consideration.Another thing please don't make last minute decision.I found it kinda annoying having to adapt to the new rules at last minute.

Frequent Ask questions,

Who's your best manager?
Lim Bu Yong

Who's your best SuperVisor?
Hazel,Yadiy,Yvain,Syikin :)

Who's Your Best Colleague?
Iradatun.-.-She bully me at work.

Who's your best Partner
Ape Partner??I am still single lar.

Who is your trainer when your a trainee?

Hot girl at work?
All of them are hot hot hot:)

Any dates you want to have at work?
Yes.Tapi takut tanya.KEDI SIA HARIZ

Any girl you have a crush on at work?
got but you know me i got over it easily.Being single is fun so you can flirt around.

Any surprises at work
FULL of them.Especially siblings and couples working together.

Got scolded at work before?

Tease anyone yet at work?
Yup.Hasri and Shahira GOT THE BEST OUT OF ME.heh

Funniest Moments at work.
Clifford calling me Hasri while calling Hasri Hariz.Same goes for the manager.

Favorite position at work?
Usher like duh.

When quiting?
Not quiting,going for study break.:)

Who should hang out more with you?
Zaki,Mus,Ella,farhannah,Hazel,Iradatun,Syahira,Irshad,Vinoa,HASRI and Shahirah.


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