Monday, September 12, 2011

All About The Shades....

Ouh so yesterday i went Raya Outing with my classmates.As usual i was late for the outing.The time to meet was at 12 noon ended up meeting them at 12 : 45 instead.Hehe i was just plain lazy to get my butt out of bed.(ouh typical me :D)

So the first house i went was Hafiz place.He's place was beautiful.The Bee Hoon was delicious. Heh though i didn't talk much, i was tired..The fact that they took a picture of me trying to catch a bit of sleep was simply hilarious...But oh well at least the food was just plain awesome.

Second House was Muhaimin.Though he's parents were not at home,we still had fun. Apparently Faz,Fiz and Min were playing FIFA 11.A game of the classic El-Classico was underway even during Photo Taking..I guess they can't took their eyes off the game...Btw if they were reading this i was secretly routing for Real Madrid even though i was a fan of Barcelona instead..Sorry.HAHAHAHA

The Third House was Wan's House.The first thing as i step in his house...IT WAS SO BIG.....Added to that,his infamous 'angry bird' goreng was just plain sedapppppppp.Ate his roti curry daging i dunno what..Still it's delicious...

Fourth house was my place...My friends were shocked with my room because it has a sliding door!!!Hahaha then i showed them my gerbil they were even more shocked..hahahaha.I served lontong..Classic?Hahahahahaha.

Fifth house was Eeya..I was intrigued with the building design cause it's old and that's where my curiosity strikes..Her house was cosy.The food hmm,The Mee was wet nevertheless it's taste quite good...:D

The sixth house was Ms Afni.Her house was beautiful..And i got to see little Ayra for the first time..She was so cute but shy..:( Ate Mee Goreng it was nice..Sabree and the rest were interested about the results of our examination but Ms Afni didn't reveal anything..Hahahaha.Honestly i believe the BEV has the most highest passing rate in our class and CPA instead will be our highest failure rate...Well nothing be revealed until the next semester but too bad Ms Afni won't be joining cause she be on maternity leave.Never mind i doa for her smooth delivery.:D

The Seventh house was Haziqah.The first thing that catches my eye about her house is the colorful design of the lights....Like a rainbow.Her house was the two houses ( since the other was Sabree) serving Western Food.Sausages, Nuggets and the Fried Rice.There i was eating a lot of the nuggets..(typical me).I think i ate quite a lot at her place.The food was amazing.But since we were on the rush there was no time to chit chat...hahahaha.

The eight and last house was none other than Sabree.So the first thing i did went i arrive his place was to ask his father i think whether that was Suji or not.His father said yes.And there i was eating it already...Hahahaha so rude but hey when i see Suji i can't resist must eat...So i ate Suji plus Chicken Popcorn.Though it was short because it was 11 : 15.So Hafiz,Liyana,Atikah,Muhaimin and Hyda rushed catch our respective last bus and trains.

As always slenga as i can be i actually took the wrong train home.-.-So ended up i shared a cab with Hafiz and Muhaimin.Didn't know that Hafiz smoke.

Overall the Jalan Raya was fun.Hope i get to do it with them someday again.Pity that Rasul,Wan,Helina,Azira,Afiq and Anis didn't join us.It was great.Anyway that be it this afternoon.Maybe i blog later at night.Hmm

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