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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Vietnam Trip Part 1

Dear Blog,
 I can't just think of a catchy title right now.

Anyway i am back to home. Home sweet home.I was from my GEP Trip to Vietnam for SVM/ADN students. The experience to Vietnam was definitely an eye opener for me. From the traffic to the cultural life as a whole. I am glad to be born in singapore when you don't have to face the life of real poverty. Let me break down my reflection into days.

Day 1

As we touched down to the hotel from the airport.The traffic was really scary. Motorcycles speeding like nobody business, cars selfishly horning buses to give way and well traffic just basically castrophic. Besides the traffic experience, we had a pre-tour to the ben thanh market to plan for our shopping list on Wednesday. Bought myself a wrist band pretty cool though. After that i wanted to eat maggi with my roommate so around midnight (vietnam time), my roommate and i called the reception just to provide us with the2 bowls and 2 pairs of cultery. First they bought just a spoon because they do not understand what we were saying but eventually they did when we show some actions.

Day 2

We went to Can Gio island. Uhmm went to monkey island to see monkeys and crocs.What was shocking was that we attended an animal circus. We saw how the monkeys, dogs and crocodiles were being treated by thier handlers..It was so crude, the animals didn't want to perform but they were forced to.I can see how sad they were. The most sympathy and rage that was building inside me was for the crocodile.The tail was being cut off and they play with it's mouth like it's a toy.They use wood to force the croc to snap its mouth with the wood.The process repeats itself. It's wasn't a show it was torture. As animal lover myself, i felt disgusted with the way this performance went.They still have the cheek to force the monkey to walk around with a bowl to let people put their cash in. I had a small chat with nadhira about her secondary school life and her talent as a singer.Worth it. Eugene had to sawed away his lock as he locked his luggage with the keys inside. In the afternoon we went to play with our teambuilding games at the beach..One word to describe the beach, breathtaking. It was simple no trees around just the sands and the sea BUT the view was indeed breathtaking. If i actually did watch the sunset i am sure the view will be 10 times amazing..
So we had campfire afterwards where Thaii (our tour guide) taught us some vietnamese poems.Pretty cool though..After that eat Maggi again.This time when my roommate and i called the receptionist, they do not understand what we were saying.The funny part they had a technician coming over with a torchlight and bottle of hot boiling water.That was just plain epic.We had to act it out to make sure that they understand what were trying to say.Eventually they did but i won't forget that experience anytime soon it was just epic.

Part 2 will posted later today..Too tired. will attached some pictures as well.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

One Direction...


And yes i do listen and like some of their songs especially What Makes You Beautiful.

Well sorry for the absence. I am kinda clueless what to blog about but maybe i just pen out what's on my mind now...

Well one i am like tevez last season self - exiling myself towards my cca during the month of august. Well there was no cca during the month of august. I mean WTF...So much for self - exile, i heard it go suspended, changed hands and so forth. Actually i kinda like this because the previous management doesn't give a shit about the cca.. Like what most people would say "We only exist when they need something." but ouh well let's just hope that the new management is better than the previous one.


I may not be a love guru or anything but this has been bugging my mind for quite a while already because it's about relationships..Ok let me be more specific about it. Girls.

I mean ok i can safely say that sometimes whatever guys are saying to their girlfriends, they are thinking with their dicks and not their brains and it may hurt BUT i am sure they didn't mean what they say so. It just that i think they couldn't figure out a way to break the news without hurting the girl they love too much. Yeah that's more like it.

What's even more intriguing is that some guys tend to take control over in their relationship. They are controlling the actions of their girls.The funny fact is that they are doing a lot of discreet stuff like having a drink with other girls, clubbing etc etc. behind their girls back and worst of all deny it. Respect to the ladies who have encountered or going through this. I may not know how you all actually feel but i know that you will do certain things to make your partners happy and to keep the relationship strong.Kudos to you.No sex alright until marriage? HAHAHAHAHAHA (just adding humor if it's bad, forgive me)

To the guys out there, please spare me the bullshit but if your partner able adapt to their limits that you set for them up i guess you could too adapt to theirs right?

I just hate it if guys were to be dominant in their relationship. I mean come on what are the chances of she cheating on your relationship if you trust her? Yes yes i know she might take advantage of it just like you would too but if she talking about you with your friends and her friends then kudos to you because she's yours. What i can just say is just give them their personal space sometimes because it's not only just you exist  on her mind but her family and friends as well.

So this brings me to the next topic.


Please shut the fuck up when you girls say this.Yes i mean it. Don't because of one guy who is a jerk, you assume that all guys are the same because if you think it like that then girl your love is blind. Yes i say it's blind because your just being shallow.Look at the bigger picture please.

There are some guys who's been trying their best to make the girl they like to notice them but sadly they don't. Instead they go for jerks, smitten by their looks and getting hook up with them in the matter of weeks. So when things don't work out between him and you, you go crying to your friends and telling that all guys are jerks. So where's the nice guy who's been trying hard to make you notice him? Ouh yeah, he's been...


I don't know, like i said i am not a love guru or anything. I personally think the most successful relationship comes from the guy who's actually really cares about you, been there for you both your highs and your lows, cheering you on and does stupid things with you and ensure that your happy when you see him.In other words like what i been reading on the loves quotes, facebook picture post and twitter like a best friend. (of course i am still a firm believer that a girl best friend could be a guy.Nothing more nothing less). Look what i am just trying to say is to keep your heart open. You'll be surprised on how different your relationship could be.

Yes i know, you want guys to tell you that they love you. The reasons why guys don't want to say it because they want to show it first and then when the time is right they will say it. The problem with that is it may be too late but heck the effort is there. Maybe if you leave your heart open who knows he's the one. So stop friendzoning (if thats a word) people.

This is just my opinion.On the honest side all i just wish is that girls should stop the friendzone of people...That's all.