Sunday, May 15, 2011

My life in SVM QB

I originally wrote this a day after 4/5/2011.You should know what happen during that day.Okay put aside that.The first thing i wanna write is that i am extremely grateful that God has given me a very good class to study with.So i would like to thank HIM and you all for being part of my life.

On the first day i came to ITE I thought that I will see typical minah,ah bengs,ah lians and mats and that my life would be as miserable as it seems.I thought wrong,everything is not what i had expected and to think that i met a class full of extraordinary people,my life began to change.I was surprised at the fact that all of you focused a lot on class bonding in which i feel is important.This is because we are gonna spend 2 years with each other and it's best that we get the best out of it.

During our orientation day,we came out with one of the most weirdest cheers ever and believe me it was.Nobody would have thought of adapting the song OMG into the QB cheers and well i can say is awesome but weird.Don't you think so?Another was LIKE A G6 to LIKE A QB and we failed on that miserably..-.-Next was amazing race..Hehe the best part of it is that i was still memorising names especially our group chinese names.One of them is ZAI in order words is vegetable aka as Winnie.^_^ Then again i had really lots of fun...

But what caught my attention was how really down to Earth you people are.In my education life so far,I have never met a class so down to earth such as this.Really.And i thanked you all for that.I will never forget the day when i was really down due to certain events that changed my life forever.I only told a classmate about my problems but somehow you all knew...I was deeply touched by the support you all had given me.The condenlences,the will to move on with my life and to never looked back.I know that even a simple Thank you isn't enough that sweets wasn't enough.All of you my dear classmates have my gratitude and my respect.

So what can i give?
I wanna make a promise with all of you that i am always here to be your listening ear.Always here when you need me.Like a brother.Support your dreams.That's the only thing i can give..I couldn't pay back that kindness you have showed me but i hope that will do.I am also proud to make you guys part of my family..My family,Yes i am serious.You all are like a second family to me.So i wanna be there for you all if you ever need me...

I know that it's kinda pathetic of me writing this post on my blog might as well i delete it but i am an open minded guy.I am not afraid to hide my problems because i know that you all be there helping me.Being some sort of pillar to me and i thank you for that.
Before i go would want to share a quote with you and i hope you keep this in mind.

'We are loyal and faithful to our friends to the extent we share their troubles as well as their joys. If we cannot weep when our friends weep and rejoice when they rejoice, we cannot be regarded as family.'

Once again i thank you all for being a part of my life.

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