Saturday, January 29, 2011

Guys would be guys.

I really must must come up with a better title than this.The way i say it sounds so wrong plus i am a guy and not a gay.Anyway today was kinda alright.Shifted into a new apartment.Though i feel kinda bad betraying Yvain and the others at work that i will be coming for work Yesterday night.Well i hope they forgive me for doing that. Unforeseen circumstances while moving it's raining of course the movement of furniture from 1 house to the other would be delayed.

Well i like somebody that i recently get to know off,i been dying to ask her out but i can't.It's not that i don't want to but somehow i felt that i am not ready for relationships.What if it doesn't work out?Who will be more at hurt?She or I?I don't want that to happen.Besides,love can wait.Studies comes first.I don't want to ever fail again at something.Doing things with upmost conviction this time.

Ok stop lying myself and others.I want her and i want her badly.LOL!but everything i do it's hard to get her attention.Sometimes she would just ignore me other times would just have awkward conversations which made things A LOT WORSE.It's like i have nothing to say or i just like nothing comes into my mind when i see her we would just smile at each other and walk away.I hate that.It makes me feel like i am pathetic.Ok maybe i am pathetic.TOO Pathetic.But somehow i know if i don't talk to her now sooner or later she will be attached to somebody and i have no other opportunity to go at her again.

And you know what is even worse than feeling pathetic for not being able to talk a proper conversation to the girl you liked?The way i help people to get their relationships going and not mine.It's like Hitch.He help a guy to chase a girl of his dreams and he couldn't do it himself.It's like me telling others what to do to get attached and me not being able to do it.Make me feel like A Hypocrite which i hate it so much.

To be honest,I feel that most girls sometimes fall in love in guys not because of their personality but because of their looks and status.It's like wow he's such a cutie let's ask him out but they do not know that his an ass actually and they don't care.It's all about looks and attitude.And that's when relationship doesn't work cause they couldn't get along well cause they do not have a complete trust with one another and they blame it on the opposite sex when they broke up but in reality they do not realized that they are the ones causing it.It's not that i support either side.It is just i look on both sides of the coin.In fact,let me ask is that real love to you?Dating and dovey each other for a couple of months and then when something bad happens you broke up?Personally i feel that is just some sort of trend that you guys follow teenagers in North America.When it comes to real love,they will go through challenges together face it and when things go for a worse,when you know on the verge of breaking up.Someone for either side will definitely try to save it.Also a COMPLETE TRUST plays a part in a relationship.
For guys please don't ever ever talk about how you wish you can have sex with your gf which i keep hearing or other girls.IT DISGUST ME A LOT.Same thing for the girls.

(I will apologize on my behalf if the story above offends both my male and female readers.But hey i am entitle to have on my opinion on my own blog right?Maybe i just don't know how relationship works for you guys but this is my personal opinion.I been through 1 but it's short.I was immature way back then.)

Love this photo that Azalea took for me Thank You for that outing.I really enjoyed it.

I hope that she will wait for me:)

I don't believe in the saying 'Nice Guys Always Finish Last.'


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