Thursday, March 1, 2012


Yo bloggers i do like to share this with you..

Is difficult telling yourself that you won’t fall for her but you did.The way she look at you to the way she smile.It brings out those shivers in you.Anticipation,nervousness within you just to tell her “I love you”.Afraid of being rejected from her.Even worse create an air of awkwardness between one another.As a result you will lose the one you care the most.Friendship probably torn apart due to the word “love”.

Then again you may never know that she may embraced it, probably having those same feelings you have for her towards you.It will definitely be a wonderful thing.It may cherished and prosper and it may lead to marriage in the long run.Only if it works out actually.If it doesn’t it will deeply affect you.Mentally and emotionally.The feeling of not wanting to let go but you have to may really tax the most out of you…

Love for me is Evol.It outplays you through your feelings if your aren’t careful..You may end up hurting yourself the most in the end.

Do you think this is true?
Do think about it.



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