Sunday, March 25, 2012

Just my Sunday

Today was kinda fun actually.Considering that work for me was usually boring.My colleagues and i went to play around with the olympus tough series cameras...Oh my god compared to the fujifilm xp30, olympus tough cameras have a lot of cool effects such as puzzle blocks,mirrors,black and white,movie directing in which the xp 30 doesn't have.

It was kinda shocking after that as a guy went into the store just to buy 2 Cannon EOS 5d Mark III kit.In addition he paid it in COLD HARD CASH.I mean come on just that one kit cost $5549.He bought 2 and paid fully in cash.Who would actually dare to bring 10 k to Funan? That's totally insane.My colleague, Heidi who was serving him was shock with the cash he bought.The cashier itself felt like as though she had hit Jackpot.

Seeing those DSLR the EOS 600D selling like hotcakes makes me feel that i should have bought one also but then again i need to start doing my financial planning.After my ITE i want to travel across Europe.Meet my older sister and relax before i go for my National Service or Poly.Thought of bringing some friends along but question is who??I wanna enjoy this moment with them.

So currently right now i am planning this friday lesson with my juniors.I wanna do Podcast with them.Work on Nu'Man and Hakim Talkset.I want them to give a goood charade on the opening day..I know they can do it.

Sadly i may come for just a short while, play a cameo or so OR not come at all.My older sister is coming back and I will definitely want to meet her at the airport .Rio is working and well i am short of manpower.There's still Herwan but i know he needs the help he can get...

Hmmm decisions and priorities...

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