Sunday, March 4, 2012

When i am in a relationship.

I will..

1) Let my partner have her own personal space.

I do not want her to see me everyday.I know it may be sweet and all that but don't you get bored seeing one another everyday? Ouh and calling and texting every hour or so?I mean it would be better if you save up the conversation for three days or so?That way you get more to talk about + it makes talking and meeting the partner more meaningful.Besides i would want her to hang out with her other friends as well.

2)Trust fully

Well a successful relationship is build by the trust one has towards the other.I mean i don't mind if my partner hangs out with other guys as as she knows her limits.Then to me it's okay.

3)Not to control.

This and trust are co-relates with one another in a relationship.I mean i don't like it if i were to restrict my partner from doing certain things.I know she doesn't like it either.If i were to control,it shows that i don't trust her you see.I will trust my partner that she won't do anything stupid.Therefore i won't put rules between us.

Commitment and be there when she needs you.

Not much to be said.You should know what i meant. 

(This is my opinion.My perception may change.)
Anyway my weekends were great.Although the job may be boring.My other colleagues make use of it by experimenting the Altec Subwoofer base.I can honestly swear the items that are hanging at the walls are shaking due to bass sound from the subwoofer..That's how deep the bass is.I wanna buy but i just do not know where to put it....


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