Saturday, March 3, 2012

Live My Life

I would like to thank Zee for chatting with me the entire afternoon and night.

Anyways back to the topic, I been a pessimist before.You know being negative like for almost everything.The hardest setback is the day I confessed to someone.I thought I could get over it somehow it was harder than it seems.At least I am progressing slowly.

"Your still my close friend.You changed me and that I say thank you."

After the vow,I realized there's more to life than love.Although I been telling myself "I just want a companion".I then noticed what are my friends are there for in the first place?they been through my nonsense with me.They been there done that way before me.Although they are now either in a relationship,engaged and happily married (yes I have friends who are married) . They told me to enjoy being single, live your life being single before entering a new chapter in your story.

"God still made you single because he wants you to know there's more to life than falling in love.HE is still writing that perfect love story for you in hope that you be patient with him to let it publicize it for you later in life."

So yes now I am gonna enjoy my life being single.Look at the upside of it.I met my other friends who are girls had fun with them in which those in relationship suffers because of the the rules set by the opposite sex and the level of trust they have for one another.(I found this sad because I lost a couple of good opposite sex friends due to this just to save their relationship sigh.) Hopefully when I meet my soulmate I will be happy and proud that I fall in love with her..

In which my next blog I will write my values should i fall in a relationship.till then,



  1. the one you call Za..March 3, 2012 at 9:25 AM

    hmmmm riz, you alright? dont be too stressed up alright? <3

    1. hahaha i am doing okay...:D
      Thanks bro