Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Vow


Yeah i couldn't think of any other greeting to greet my bloggers.But yes as the title suggest i am making vow to myself and to all the bloggers out there reading this.I am gonna change, not for the worse but for the better.

I vowed that...

I will be happy no matter how shitty my life can be.No matter what adversaries i face i will conquer it positively.This is my story and i will not let my emotions get the better of me.No more.

I do still think of you.Yes i do.

I want to move on forget about you.It's slowly fading.Though it may be painful for me but i know it has to be done.Its got to be done.I don't want to hope anymore.It's stupid i know.So yeah,I will move on.Slowly but surely

Someday i will meet the one.She's there for me i just have to find.Patience is virtue.My virtue if i were to follow it.I want her to love me as much i love her.I want to write my story together with her.

Thank You..
Herwan & Mylia for pointing to me the right direction.For enduring my shits.I know i am the dude who sulks like almost 24 hours.The dude who's negative when you approach him.I just wanna say i am

I will change not because of you two but for myself.I wanna make myself happy.I wanna make you guys happy because i change.I don't wanna just say it i wanna do it.

I treasure the time we spent together as friends..No as siblings.I couldn't say more.You guys are always there for me.For me i just have to thank God for making me meet both of you.Thank you.Your the part of my change.My new vision of my life.I hope our friendship last.

Same goes for you too.You know who you are.I just hope we are still close friends and the promise we kept.
You still mean something to me.That part would never change.

I love my friends.They are all the pillars of strengths that kept me going.

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